Ghostwriters write exam work in 2-4 weeks!

Ghostwriters write a thesis in 2-4 weeks while students spend 2-4 months doing it. My own “record” is one week for an exam job. This was a bachelor thesis (literature work) on the subject of education – an easy and problem-free topic. You ask yourself, how is it possible that you are sitting for a master’s thesis for months and you are progressing very slowly and ghostwriters write a thesis so fast? You can not reduce it to a single reason, there are several factors that allow such a quick writing of a thesis. In today’s blog entry, we’ll look at how working ghostwriters work.

Ghostwriters write exam work every day

You are now wondering how you can write scientific papers so quickly in such a short time. It’s no coincidence that ghostwriters, unlike you, write the work so quickly and still enjoy it a lot. The reasons for this are:

no Schreibblokaden

First, ghostwriters do not know the word “writer’s block”. Only people who enjoy writing, choose this job. Ghostwriters earn the money by writing so they write various scientific papers every day, unlike students. This makes writing scientific writing much easier for ghostwriters.

the same plan

Second, you are usually more strategic than students. They always follow the same pattern, every ghostwriter has his own plan, which he pursues purposefully. Thus, no unnecessary time is lost through disorientation.


If you do something once or twice in your life, you can not perfect this activity. Ghostwriters write exam work day after day, there comes a routine that you will never reach. Believe us, the first scientific work, d. H. the graduate thesis, write the future ghostwriter as slow as many students.


Furthermore, the time savings are not just in writing. Ghostwriters have prefabricated Word templates for any scientific work (from housework to dissertation) and thus save many formatting steps. You are well acquainted with the formatting guidelines, so you can quickly get the formatting guidance from your guide.


Ghostwriters are well acquainted with subject-specific literature. They know current, clichible and relevant sources that are important for working on a topic. Many of the books are on their shelves or they have easy access to the works (eg a subscription). They know exactly which sources to use to find the important information so that the writing process is much faster.

Knowledge and passion

Ghostwriters have the necessary (prior) knowledge, which is of the highest relevance when writing a scientific paper. They can structure the work well because they know what to focus on, where the limits are, and whether there is enough literature on which research method is most appropriate. The ghostwriters are experts in their field of expertise and the knowledge is in their nature. It is her passion that she wants to share with you.

Even dubious ghostwriters write exam work

If you have written more than 100 scientific papers, writing an exam is almost as difficult as brushing your teeth. However, one should also mention that not every experienced ghostwriter goes to work professionally. Again and again, we get scientific papers from clients written by dubious ghostwriters. The customers were lured with dumping prices and received scientific work with plagiarized bodies. Therefore faster does not mean better, but fast and professional writing is possible.

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