Doctorate without graduation and without doctoral thesis

For the doctorate you have to i. d. R. have a good master’s degree or diploma and then successfully complete his doctorate. The promotion alone takes min. 3 years and is an intense workload. What options are there for obtaining a doctorate without studying? For all 3 options, you do not have to write a thesis.

1. Outstanding scientific achievement

Many doctoral degrees also discuss how to obtain a doctoral degree without studying. An outstanding scientific work or achievement is the condition for a doctor title. Arrange an appointment with a professor at the appropriate faculty of the university to see if you meet the requirement.

2nd honorary doctor

In order to obtain a doctoral degree without a degree or outstanding scientific achievements (see point 1), outgoing services must be achieved in practice. To distinguish this achievement from the “normal” Ph.D. honoris causa (Dr. h.c.).

3. Buy a doctorate

The 2 options already mentioned allow the doctoral degree in Germany. A purchased honorary doctorate, honorary professor title, honorary bachelor or honorary master title may not be officially conducted in Germany (prosecuted), contrary to the promises of some providers of such services. This is because these titles are not awarded by a university, but by churches (eg, California Church). Thus, it is not a scientific honorary title, but an ecclesiastical title.

Kayne West receives a doctorate

The honorary doctorate is called Kanye West and is an American rapper, music producer, fashion designer and husband of Kim Kardashian. The honorary doctorate was awarded to the rappers from the Chicago School of the Art Institute.

Why was the dropout awarded the doctoral degree?

Kanye West is not a typical dropout. His mother was a professor of English at one of the American universities – as a son of the professor, he belonged since childhood to the intelligence. Moreover, he has been flashing his talent since recent years. He was artistically gifted. For his art projects he received many awards and scholarships. Nevertheless, he left the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the University of Chicago.

Kanye West wanted to be both a music producer and a rapper, although he could not tell ghetto stories. Today, he can boast over 60 million records sold / downloads (US only). For this reason, he is currently considered one of the most successful musicians in music history. He worked with such stars as Jay Z or John Legend. In his texts, he often makes references to the study time (for example, College Dropout), tells about his private life and addresses social and political issues. But not only the musical work of the dropout was valued, but also his activities as a fashion designer.

Chicago School of the Art Institute argued its decision as follows: “He is a lawyer of education, a thinker and doer.”

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