Bachelor thesis about a game

Today we come back to the topic that it is worth integrating his interests in the thesis. What sounds like a dream became reality. Many male colleagues dream of participating in the development process of a game. This dream became reality for Daniel Denne.

Bachelor thesis about a game that has been awarded

Daniel Denne teamed up with three other game designers from Trier and developed the game from the bachelor thesis. This development was not without echo, because the game designers were awarded the German Computer Game Prize in the category “Best Young Talent Concept”. In addition to the honor, the game designers can enjoy a prize of 30,000 €.

Many of today’s games are brutal and death is often on the program. Although it dies so often, there can be no question of seriously dealing with death in the game. Now the question arises: Can games be commercially successful that are seriously concerned with the topic? At least that’s the basis for bringing a game to market.

Bachelor thesis about a game that was also developed later

His bachelor thesis on a game (In Between) has not only remained a concept, but has been developed in retrospect. “In Between” belongs to the category “Serious Games”, games that have a deeper meaning – but such games are not popular because they are boring. “In Between” proves it works differently. The game unleashed a rather big hype for this genre, so that the 4 students meanwhile founded their own game studio “Gentlymad”.

“In Between” is based on concepts of mortality research. Man goes through 5 phases to process death: denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance. All these phases are processed in “In Between” with appropriate game mechanics. To give an example: During denial, the player is tracked by a black wall. The game illustrates the inner conflict, while the player becomes thoughtful and deals with their own lives and the transience and death.

Students awarded several times, but not through the bachelor thesis on a game

We regularly report prices on final theses. The game was awarded the Red Dot Award for Design 2014 on the grounds that “In Between” presented a sensitive approach to the topic of death. Already in November 2013, the Trier students were awarded the 2nd place at the German Multimedia Award.

As you can see, you can also start a business with a bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis and successfully start your own business.

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